Java Enterprise Development

We built springboot based microservices along with big data on the back end

Android App Development

We built a number of android app which are published to the google app store.

Website Development

We built any custome website accoring to customer need based on HTML, CSS, handlebars, javascripts framework.


We also support large scale enterprise level project from daya to day basis.

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Internship and Industrial Training Program

Brought to you by CSS LLC

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About us

About US

We are here to deliver exellence

We are a small business out of Denver, Colorado. We try to use latest technology at our disposal to build good product targeted for society challenging inspiring mind. We specialize in Java-based technology and work on software development and consulting on Java, J2EE, and Android platform. We have several products which you can check out. We believe everyone has some talent to provide. However, they need proper training and guidance. We want to train and build our own talent.
ID Number – 20031270334 registered on under the law of Colorado, USA.
DUNS number: 605439418


Thomas Hitz is a computer science student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has experience in beer sales management as well as having had the pleasure of serving in the US Army.

Thomas Hitz

University of North Carolina Graduate


I was signed on to help work with developing the iOS application of ReviewProbe and it has truly been a wonderful experience so far.

Joshua Ventocilla

San Jose University


Computer Software Solutions LLC, provides a platform to learn and explore different aspects of how a tech-startup works. My internship has allowed me to not only take a fixed job role, but the varying responsibilities has helped me learn and grow more with each passing day

Mehul Agarwal

Hotel Management, Intern at CSS LLC


Working on project ReviewProbe Jobs since more than 3 months now. The project has some really new and unique things to serve in terms of what market has today in terms of Recruiting and Job Finding Process. If everything goes well, this project has many things for a Recruiter as well as for a Job Seeker. Exposure to new things, Constant Brainstorming on various aspects of the project, and an awesome team keeps me going on this project.

Karan Jasani

Intern at CSS LLC


ReviewProbe has both experience and collaborative. It has been more than 1 month I have been working with ReviewProbe as an Android Developer and I'm happy with this team with ReviewProbe. I would highly recommend ReviewProbe to anyone building career for freshers and interns. My experience has been really good and there is no doubt I will continue to work in their service. Position : Android Developer

Himanshu Kumawat

Intern at CSS LLC LinkedIn profile :


I have worked on ReviewProbe Project at CSS. During my work experience at CSS, I was fortunate to work with well experienced team. In the process, I have learned, many different sides of what goes into a project, the general process of how a project is planned, developed and completed; as well as how much work and minute detail goes into each and every stage. Another valuable lesson I have learned during my tenure, were the many different types of work a Software Engineer has to perform, which in turn, have provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could perform as a Developer.

Shravya Srinivas

Intern at CSS LLC


I joined Computer Software Solutions as a backend developer intern. The internship has been a great learning experience. They have a highly professional team and healthy work culture. I have learnt new skills by working on real life projects. This has helped me in exploring my career path.


Intern at CSS LLC


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Jayesh Jain

Intern at CSS LLC


I have been working here for the last 2 months ... Working with them is a great experience .... I am also gaining knowledge about what is really needed in today's industry ....

Akash Chandra

Intern at CSS LLC